Online Russian School

Welcome to our new Online Russian School!

We are the first Russian school in the UK that delivers an outstanding classroom-like environment in our online Skype classes.

We strive to provide the best learning experience for every student of any age, at every level of speaking, reading and writing ability. With our exceptionally affordable classes and professional teaching, Volna is the perfect place to begin or continue learning the Russian language!

We provide:

  • Russian classes for everyone of any age

  • Weekday and weekend Skype lessons

  • Qualified teachers with many years of experience

  • A uniquely structured curriculum with clear goals and progression

  • Study materials and weekly homework tasks

  • Small class group sizes of up to 6 students

  • Private one-to-one lessons for focused and specialised learning

- About Us -

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- Our Teachers -

All our brilliant teachers are highly qualified with many years of experience teaching Russian as a foreign language. They have all taught in public and private UK schools, as well as at Russian supplementary schools. Throughout the 2020 Autumn Term, they have flawlessly transitioned from teaching in supplementary Russian schools to teaching online classes at Volna.

Our teachers were selected based on their past accomplishments and their ability to inspire students.

They will go out of their way to make learning as interesting and productive as possible.

- The Curriculum -

Through our cooperation with Moscow’s RUDN University, the Pushkin State Institute, and the Scientific Methodical Russian Speech Centre, we have created a highly specialised curriculum that is tailed to each of our class groups. It’s specifically designed for students living in the UK that are learning Russian as a foreign language.

The curriculum provides steady and structured progression, with each lesson having definitive learning outcomes. We implemented this curriculum in 2014 at our Russian supplementary schools and have had great success with it.

 - Class Sizes -

Our class sizes are very small, limited to no more than 6 students. This allows our teachers to provide highly focused and individualised learning. Group classes also give students the opportunity to take part in group activities together. This improves speech by encouraging conversations in Russian with others at a similar level of proficiency.

We also offer private one-to-one lessons, which are the perfect choice if you have limited availability or if you only want to learn about a specific aspect of the Russian language. These lessons will be directly tailored to the goals that you wish to achieve. If you decide to join us during a school term, it may be best to have a few private lessons to catch up with the class group that is the most applicable to you (you can join our group classes at any time, so this is completely optional).

 - Affordable Prices -

With the current situation in the UK, we know that many people are facing financial difficulties this year. We don’t want that to stop you or your children from learning Russian!

We wish to make studying Russian accessible to everyone, as learning a new language is an extremely valuable advantage for your future – both academically and socially. We believe that our prices are much more affordable than any other online learning service, especially when considering the quality of teaching that you will receive.

In terms of payment, you only need to pay for the lessons that you attend. Authorised absences are allowed and will be refunded to you in full.

Payment is done by invoice which is a very quick process that you can easily do online. After your free week of lessons, we will ask you to pay for the remaining term lessons. You are welcome to split the payment into smaller sums if you wish (e.g. you can pay for a single month and not the rest of the school term).

 Your First Week of Lessons is Free!

The Volna School offers every new student a week of free lessons without any prior payment. That way, you can try our classes before choosing to continue learning with us. Registering for free lessons is easy and only takes a minute!

New students will also have a free, short one-to-one lesson with one of our teachers to determine their Russian language proficiency and the best class group to join.

All you need is a Skype account and a computer, laptop or tablet with a microphone and webcam. Study materials will be sent to you by post or by email, depending on your class group.

To read more about each of our classes, and to register for your first week of free lessons, please choose one of the options below:

 - Our History -

Our history begins with Pushkin’s School of Russian Language and Literature, a group of 5 weekend supplementary schools in England. Pushkin’s School opened in 2009 and has taught hundreds of students over the years in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Essex. Together with many of Moscow’s institutes, we created a unique curriculum in 2014 that has brought our students amazing results ever since.

Due to the complications in 2020 caused by COVID-19 and unpredictable lockdowns, it has been a very difficult year for all education services. A few Pushkin’s School branches have temporarily closed due to the updated Health and Safety policies by some of the primary schools we hired. We wanted our students to stay productive and continue learning, while at the same time staying healthy and safe. During the 2020 summer holidays, we created the solution to this – Volna!


The Volna School’s main aim is to re-create the classroom environment online, without impacting the teaching quality and learning experience.

Since we recently opened our online doors in September 2020, we have had a lot of positive feedback from our students, parents and teachers. Volna teachers have created an exciting online environment that has made learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Our brilliant students are very satisfied with each lesson’s content, structure and learning objectives. We are extremely grateful for all the feedback we received!

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