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Learn Russian the right way

Our online classes will help you progress steadily in your language fluency, achieve amazing results, and improve many transferable skills throughout your learning!

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Professional Native Teachers

All of our teachers are highly qualified with many years of experience teaching Russian to students living in the UK. From September 2020, our teachers have flawlessly transitioned from teaching in UK-based Russian schools to teaching online classes at Volna.

Our teachers were selected based on their past accomplishments and their ability to inspire students. They will go out of their way to make the learning process as interesting and productive as possible.

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Unique Curriculum for Each Class

Through our cooperation with Moscow's RUDN University, the Pushkin State Institute, and the Scientific Methodical Russian Speech Centre, we have created a highly specialised curriculum that is tailored to each of our classes. It's specifically designed for students living in the UK.

The curriculum provides steady and structured progression, with each lesson having definitive learning outcomes. We implemented this curriculum in 2014 at our Russian supplementary schools around the UK and have seen amazing results ever since!

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Optional Homework Tasks

Our teachers set homework tasks at the end of each class which are directly related to the lesson's learning objectives. Although homework is optional, we recommend that every student regularly completes the tasks set to strengthen their understanding of the topic.

GCSE and A Level students will also have the opportunity to participate in two Mock Exams in their final year of study!

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Join Any Class Easily With Skype

All you need is a Skype account and a computer, laptop, or tablet, with a microphone and webcam.

Study materials for the full academic year will be sent to you by post or by email, depending on the class you join.

A group of students together
Small Class Sizes

Our class sizes are limited to no more than 8 students, allowing our teachers to provide highly focused and individualised learning.


Each class gives students the opportunity to take part in group activities together, which greatly improves speech by encouraging conversations in Russian with others at a similar level. 

An individual student
Private Lessons for Specialised Learning

Private one-to-one lessons are the perfect choice if you have limited availability or if you only want to learn about a specific aspect of the Russian language. These lessons will be directly tailored to the goals that you wish to achieve.


You can also book a few private lessons to catch up with the class group if you join late (you can join our group classes at any time, so this is completely optional). 

Sale price tag
Low-Priced Lessons

With the current economic situation we know that many people are facing financial difficulties in the UK. We don't want that to stop you or your children from learning Russian!

We wish to make studying Russian accessible to everyone, as learning additional languages is an extremely valuable advantage for your future. Our prices are much more affordable than most other online learning services, especially when considering the high quality of teaching you will receive!

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Easy and Flexible Payment Process

You only need to pay for the lessons that you attend and any authorised absences will be refunded to you in full at the end of each term.


Payment is done by invoice which is a very quick process that you can do online. If you decide to stay at Volna after your first free lesson, we will email you the invoice for the remaining lessons of the academic term. You are welcome to split the payment into smaller sums if you wish (e.g. you can pay for a single month and not the full term).

Piggy bank for affordable lessons
Your First Lesson is Free!

Our school offers every new student a free group or private lesson without any prior payment. That way, you can try our classes before choosing to continue learning with us.


New students will also get a free consultation with one of our teachers to determine their knowledge of Russian language and the best class group to join.

Registering with us is easy and only takes a minute!

Click here to register

Your individual learning goals are our top priority

Become fluent. Discover the culture. Travel abroad. Get top marks in exams. Enhance your career.

Whatever your goals are, our Online Russian School ensures your success.

Volna Online Russian School Logo

Due to the complications in 2020 caused by COVID-19 and unpredictable lockdowns, it was a difficult year for all education services.  We wanted our students to stay productive and continue learning, while at the same time being healthy and safe. During the 2020 summer holidays we decided to open this online school!

Volna aims to recreate the classroom environment online, without impacting the progress of learning and the quality of teaching.

Ever since our school's opening in September 2020, we have had a lot of positive feedback from our students, parents, and teachers. Our teachers provide an exciting online environment that makes learning an interesting and rewarding experience. Our brilliant students are very happy with each lesson’s content and enjoy taking part in various group activities. We are extremely grateful for all the feedback received!

We Started Teaching Online in 2020

Our history begins with Pushkin’s School of Russian Language and Literature, a group of 5 supplementary Russian schools in England. Pushkin’s Russian School opened in 2009 and has taught hundreds of students over the years.

Together with many of Moscow’s institutes, we created a unique curriculum in 2014 that has brought our students amazing results!

Pushkin's School of Russian Language and Literature is open on Saturdays and Sundays at primary schools in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Essex. 

All students, parents and teachers at Pushkin's School of Russian Language and Literature in Bracknell

Our History

Pushkin's School of Russian Language and Literature logo

1. When will I get contacted by a teacher after registering at Volna?

We aim to contact you by phone or by email within a day of your registration. However, during school holidays it may take a little longer. One of our teachers will have a short 1-to-1 consultation with the student to decide which class would be best to join. Our teacher will also add you to the Skype group and tell you the date and time of your first free lesson.

2. Why have I not received a confirmation email after registering?

Once you complete our short registration form you should receive an automated email from to confirm that we received your registration. In rare cases, emails from us may go straight to your “Spam” folder or the “Promotions” tab if you are using Gmail. To prevent this from happening for any future emails, the best thing to do is to add our email address to your list of email contacts. That way, you should always receive emails from us in your inbox.

Please note that we only email you when we have important information to tell you – we will not be sending any emails that are not relevant to your learning at the Volna School.

3. Can I join group classes after the academic year has already began?

You definitely can! Our curriculum is structured in a way that students can join classes at any time throughout the year. Every lesson has its own topics and learning objectives.

Our classes are arranged in an order that allows progression, based on the average level of speaking, reading, and writing skills. At the end of each academic year our students move onto the next class which adds a modest challenge, with more advanced vocabulary, grammar, speech, and written texts.

You may wish to have a few private 1-to-1 lessons with one of our teachers before joining a class that has already started. Our teachers will help the student quickly catch up with the rest of the class by going over the essential content of each lesson. 

4. If lessons are too easy or too difficult, can I switch to a different class?

You are welcome to switch to a different class any time you like – just send an email to and we will contact you shortly after.

Our teachers regularly monitor each student’s academic performance and effort in class. They may recommend for the student to join a different class that better suits their range of knowledge. If this occurs, we will get in contact with you to discuss the best action to take. The final decision will of course be up to you!

5. Are there any classes during school holidays?

All our group classes are during the school term only, so half-term breaks and school holidays are not included. Some schools have half-terms and end-of term holidays on different weeks to the calendar we follow. When you view any of our classes on this website you can download a calendar for the full academic year which will include the dates of our holidays.

Students who are having private lessons can continue them over the holidays, but this would depend on their teacher’s availability.

We may also release an Online Summer Course in the future – this will be a short 6-week course over the summer holidays for students who wish to continue learning.  

6. How do I notify the school about any upcoming absences?

If you or your child cannot attend a scheduled class for any reason, you can send a message on the group chat in Skype or you can send an email to

Absences are authorised if you let us know at least one day before the scheduled lesson. All authorised absences will be refunded to you in full at the end of each school term.

7. How do I join a group or private class on Skype? 

During your consultation with one of our teachers you will be asked to provide your Skype Name – you can find this in your Skype profile. Have a look on the Skype website if you need more guidance:

Once we have your Skype Name we will add you to your chosen online class. All you have to do is join the Skype video call at the start of each lesson.

8. Will I get a refund if I decide to stop learning at Volna?

We know that sometimes things come up that may interfere with your schedule. No matter what the circumstances are, you will get a full refund of all upcoming lessons if you decide to leave our online school or take a break from learning. We will always welcome you back in the future!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Excellence

Students are encouraged to achieve their personal goals and are always rewarded for their best effort.

2. Inclusivity

We celebrate everyone’s unique personalities - every student is treated with equal care and compassion.

3. Integrity

We value each student’s strength of character, honesty, and courage, guided by the moral code of behaviour.

4. Cooperation

Teamwork incentivises creativity and understanding by combining the unique perspectives of each student.

5. Leadership

Students will build confidence with active participation and improve their problem-solving and communication skills.

6. Community

Connected and active community of Russian speakers and learners all around the United Kingdom.

Volna School's Values

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